Chairman Message

MLZ-Nagothane - Chairman
Shri. D.P. Jindal
It gives me joy to rise to the occasion and express my gratitude to the inspiration which has given me the opportunity to pen down my emotions and sentiments attached with JMLZS.
"It Is Not A Fact That Good People
Go To Heaven.
But It’s A Fact
That Good Persons Create Heaven
Wherever They Live."
That is what our aim, mission and vision is to create good and ideal citizens for the nation. This day is a call to action, spirit of renewed optimism, mixed with healthy skepticism and scientific temper. As long as we cherish ideals of grandeur and hunger for excellence, victory shall not be deprived of us. It is to this belief and power, that I urge the Principal and staff to walk, lead and guide the present and the on coming generations to train their body, mind soul to help them distinguish
"To achieve Success, Learn to operate from commitment and not from complaint"